Bad Modding Advice for Nerf Guns

January 2nd, 2011

Well, the second piece of advice for amping up my Nerf Rapid Fire 20 (RF-20) was also a failure.

The advice was to open the barrel assembly and dump out the air restrictors. This actually rendered the gun inoperable. Yes, I assembled it correctly again, the barrel spins, air is pumping out of the barrels. But I think what people are calling air restrictors on the RF-20 are in fact displacing air inside of the dart in order to reduce the amount of air needed to launch the dart from the barrel:

UPDATE: I suspect this mod (removing the "restrictor") is really only good if you have Stefan darts, which are home-made from Foam Backer Rod which is solid. There is no air chamber inside the darts so it wouldn't take much to launch one.

Most likely, after seeing the instructions to remove the dart spikes on the Maverick, people automatically assume that all dart spikes are bad. But in the case of the RF-20, it appears they serve to not restrict the airflow but concentrate it. Which is good. So now I have to take that damn thing apart again and put all the spikes back in. P.I.T.A. factor.

UPDATE: Got the gun back together and sure enough, it fires again with the "restrictors" in place. The gun also gets a lot more shots per fill because its using less air per shot.

This brings me back to the Maverick mod from my last post. I never tried this, but I wonder if you could improve performance on the gun by just dumping those 3-prong spring loaded plates and leaving the spike assembly intact? My guess is you would get the same (if not better) performance by doing this and saving even more time messing around with a dremel tool. If I get another Maverick I'll try it out and post my findings here.

P.S. another note on the Rapid Fire 20 - on this forum post, the poster advised to cut apart that black thing above the piston with a hacksaw. You DON'T need to do that. The part is just sticky because the plastic interlocks and the whole black thing is attached to the right-side silver piece - it doesn't split in half like I expected. This diagram might be better at explaining it (I would have taken a photo but my phone is dead right now):

Anyway, to separate it, pull open the silver piece from the bottom until a bit of a gap appears in the area below the black piece, get a flat-head screwdriver in there, and gently twist it until it pries apart. It will come apart, just be patient and careful. See this diar

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