Tips for Modding Your Nerf Maverick REV-6

January 1st, 2011

I recently acquired a small arsenal of Nerf weapons for the office and being both male and nerd in nature, my first desire was to make them shoot further, faster and better. So I spent some time browsing various Nerf modding sites to see what kinds of things people were doing. There is some pretty creative stuff out there!

I decided for a first project to mod my Mavericks (I have a set of 2). This is the first nerf maverick mod I tried. And what did I learn from this? The whole bit with adding straws and filling in the hole is a total waste of time. After 2 hours of tedious labor, cutting, gluing, etc... the results were mediocre - if not worse in most barrels. In fact one barrel didn't even fire. I read the mod page more carefully and realized the guy who posted this mod had the same problem!

What I realized is if you shave off that lip on the top of the orange caps while removing the air restrictors, you break the factory air seal (which is excellent). You can verify this yourself: Take the stock barrel assembly (before taking it apart), and blow air through the hole while plugging the dart end with your finger. You'll notice there is a pretty good seal there (although the air is being slowed significantly by the restrictor assembly, which you will notice when you take your finger off). I tried the same air test after the straw mod and just as I suspected, air was leaking out from between the damaged restrictor cap and the barrel assembly. This diagram hopefully explains it a bit better:

So in the second Maverick, all I did was remove the air restrictors, but was careful to not damage the outer lip. I just Dremel-tooled the spikes out and left a rough hole in the middle - no need to waste time making it fancy. Air just needs to get through freely.

Adding the straws to narrow the diameter of the chamber (I'm guessing this is supposed to concentrate the output) is a waste of time. Having a good air seal and free flow of air is more important than doing this. The results? My 5 minute mod gun performs much better and didn't take nearly as much fiddling.

The other mod I did, which I think is the most useful of all of them, was remove the tabs keeping the barrel in for reloading so it slides out the full 90 degrees. Makes loading way easier and twisting the gun to close the chamber adds dramatic effect.

I am going to get the Vulcan soon and see what I can do with that too... until then, happy modding.

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