How to sell more of your gas tanks on E-Bay (or anywhere else)

April 26th, 2010

A lot of people customize their bikes and often need to source out non-OEM and custom-fit parts. A gas tank is definitely one of those parts, and sometimes an OEM tank from a different year, make or model may work well ... unless you don't know if it fits.

My advice for suppliers putting OEM fuel tanks on E-Bay for sale is to post full dimensions for every tank you sell (a diagram would give you real bonus points but even a text description is a good start). Most OEM sellers don't do this because they assume their customers need the tank as a replacement for their own bike, and simply need to know the model and year. But if you post the specifications for the tank size, you may open up your doors to a market full of bike builders and sell more products!

In particular:
Tunnel Width (most important) - how wide is the gap under the tank?
Tunnel Depth (pretty important) - how deep is the gap under the tank?
Tunnel Variation/etc - if the tunnel is tapered, what are the front & back measurements
Overall Width (at widest and narrowest points is handy)
Overall Height
Overall Length (tip-to-tip)

And for bonus points...
Gas cap mount size / type (if cap is not included)
Petcock thread size / mount type (if petcock is not included)

And last but not least... include photos of:
The usual (3/4 views, side view, etc)
The front of the tank (showing tunnel)
The underside of the tank
Inside the cap opening (for rust)

I know it may seem pointless to post such specs on an OEM part, but believe me when you are hunting for a tank to fit a '78 CB 400 that needs a tank with a 4" wide gap, you will really appreciate a poster who takes the time to map out the specs.

P.S. About 4 potential sellers lost a sale today because I couldn't get the information I need

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